Saturday, March 2, 2013

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy For


We make your privacy very important, so you do not worry about your information if you shopping from oursite. Here we collect your personal information if you buy from out site. The personal information like your name, your email, your address and other, Beside that, we also collect your non personal information like your ip address, how you come to our site, your browser and other.

Third Party works with amazon. All the produck review at are sell by amazon. we only review at our website. If you click the product, you will go to amazon site and pay the product sofa price to amazon and amazon will charge you as many as price you buy. If you have any problem with this section you can email us at or you can send and call to amazon team support.


When you visit our site, your cookies will record our site and we can tracking your browser with our analytic. This we can know at where countri you find our site. BUt you can delete your cookies anywhere and whenever you like.

Use of Information
  1. To proses any custumers order
  2. To shipp the product to custumers address when they buy
  3. To call the custumers if we have trouble to find the custumers address.
  4. To contact the custumers for the other famous Product reviews
  5. To make a administration at our site.

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